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These excessive accumulations are found usually in connection
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posterius in close proximity to the vagus. The internal portion of
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exactness. Through the kindness of Prof. George Dreyer, head of
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* From the Chemical Laboratory of the Montefiore Home and Hospital
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put the strips into tonic contraction as it did the strips of uterus.
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mary. It is also clear from this study that evidence of acidosis appears
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finest results are secured in institutions where they may be obtained
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agreement of these figures, in addition to the trifling variations of the
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operation ; where it is desired to cure a number of varices or one varix
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but beriberi acts in precisely this fashion. It not only appears more
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The abstracts of family histories and charts whlcn follow will servo to show
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was 93.5 per cent.; on the 20th, 71.5 per cent.; on the 23d, 114.0 per cent; and on
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with the right or left innominate vein, there will be a corresponding
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slowly decreased. In the cases of tabes the small lymphoid cell was
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Perhaps all " overlapping " parts ought to have been ruthlessly
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observation of the intermeningeal fluid content. Microscopically, many of the
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made of the well-known fact that compression or irritation of the
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The second case was that of a man, aged sixty-four, who died of senile
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years would appear to be less favorable in the later years for those
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may be necessary also to administer nutritive enemata.
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doctrine of temperament was originally founded on a physiological
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which no diuretic is given is probably the best procedure to follow
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be remembered that in many cases not only are the orifices of the
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salts in the first days of hunger. There appeared, however, they
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valves. The previous history of some acute infection is not so essen-
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calcium solution were made. No untoward effects were noticed. The results
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weeks or months of the time of the incident case strengthens the indi-
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plexus but in the cortical substance of the brain, and the essence of
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After one week's improvement, the patient awoke one morning from a ter-


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