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is proved by the failure of the ordinary treatment for fuso-spirillar infection

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all cases of diabetes have been excluded so far as possible. Pros-

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jetzigen Stand der Tonsillartubprkulose. [The new tuberculosis wave and

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was a white one of the largest size. It had been in the trachea

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ment each month, at the same time being vaccinated against

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to a convenient bulk and the amount of urobilin estimated

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l'ovariotomie. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 1921, 3 e ser., 45, 155-9.

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'decerebrate rigidity is but a type of extensor spasm of which allied

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the lungs showed extensive involvement of the right (cavity

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of cancer of the lip. In the first filial generation there was one

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Salvetti, I. Sulla contagiosity della encefalite letargica. Gazz. d. osp., 1920,

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ing more favourable symptoms appeared. His mind was re-

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injections followed by euphoria, and 3 of these cases were non-tuberculous.

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abscess to be quite different from those of the single lesion. In

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the structure of the gluconic acid molecule and that of glucose,

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ficial scraping of the diphtheroid deposit, but should examine the serum

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the toxic effect of the general anaesthetics. ./. Pharmacol. $ Exper. Therap.,

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hyperemia. This result is manifestly more likely to be carried on

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production of artificial pneumothorax. The method seems theoretically

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commonly does, between the thyroid cartilage and the os hy-

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Otitis media and thrombosis of lateral sinus and internal jugular . . 2

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inspection of the physician, in which, at different stages of

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powder of the leaves is substituted, it produces a bitter much

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nuclear starvation. He quotes McCarrison's observations to the effect that

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tests in the same way as could the organisms themselves. Further, clinical

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Dr. W. G. MacCallum: The importance of bronchial obstruction

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urine. His pulse was natural ; and his appetite for food was

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shorter or longer period, according to the situation of the ulcer,


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