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timidate an aggravating husband and bring him to reason.

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circulated as they were in a public newspaper? Did .or

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ever, point to the published experience of certain medical men

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back ; union perfect ; no further attention required. In conse-

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The ignorance exhibited as regards the moral turpitude, the

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by a blind empiricism or the routine methods of the remoter ages.

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the title of a paper read before the Academy of Medicine of St.

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should give information injurious to the interests of the besieged.

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referred to was that of a child one year old with a

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cular ; but I may without impropriety state some facts in

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life cycle and are particularly adapted to this. Their degree of

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earlv recognition, diagnosis, and surgical treatment of tumors of

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deformity evidence of a trophic disturbance. There is over the peroneal

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for two or more hours. This is often due, especially in thin people,

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thing which is quite different. Perhaps the pressure in milHmeters of

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tion research. He reported in 1911 that the delayed clotting of

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to follow readily, when led by either the halter or bridle, and to

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relative group differences than the control reactions or the uninocu-

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to the attendant who entered just before. He must give

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The chapters on anaphylaxis strike us as particularly good, and here,

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both unjust and unwise. It is uncalled for, because there

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to nothing. They do best by remaining in bed, as Frank and Carpen-

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Case XII. — Photograph of palate two months after operation.

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knife would have very probably insured. The surgeon

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bone mass, and the opening thus made utilized for the introduc-

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PEDIATRICS — Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital

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the womb; 2, neck of the womb ; 3, vagina, or cavity, . . ... .

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' Bones, on the means of augmenting the length of. My M. Oilier 147

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Nevertheless, we now possess considerable knowledge concerning

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(/) Occupation. This plays an etiological role. Griindler states that

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first operation. He differed with Sir Spencer in regard

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