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brain artery, the left carotis, was clamped at the moment the
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careful 7>o.>.(-mor?fm examination made, out no accessory thyroid found.
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giving ample proof of the popularity of afternoon gatherings
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and general circulatory systems were to be separated — and
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special class of clinical teachers as a reflection upon them-
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eligible for the appointment of medical officer under the
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a similar typical case we must go back to the epidemics of
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right foot. The note over the apex of the right lung was
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bones at this period are soft and pliable andean by gradual
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and absolutely safe from any external means of pollution.
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especially when fresh cells are examined without special
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■saturated by lime; then altered, and tlie flltrate distilled in lacuo at
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thus evacuated, and a large drainage tube Inserted, .\fter the operai 1011
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return till the present occasion. He was further warned by Dr. Faris
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If tlie medical profession were once sufficiently persuaded of the idea
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patients requiring bandages before leaving a hospital are
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Demonstrator in Physiology in the University of Cambridge.
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and a like number during the two days next succeeding. The National
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epithelioma had still to be determined. Both forms were pro-
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(5) The discussion in the Indian newspapers was started by
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cases and 4.'. deaths had been registered. The experts at the Koch
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that the medical profession throughout the kingdom would
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also supported by Mr. J. E. Bennett, and unanimously
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the case, in spite of the fact that the effect of the excision was
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spoonful. For such people the " poison " label is not a suffi-
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overflowed their banks ; Devonshire and Gloucestershire
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by Dr, Hamer, by direction of the Medical Officer of Health
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28 from measles, ll from whooping-cough, and 9 from scarlet fever.
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clusions from an experiment in which the mere shifting of
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Philanthropos. Physiological Cruelty, or Fact r. Fancy, An Enquiry
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nervous plexuses, freely connecting the cerebro-spinal with
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intoxication did not void a contract unless the plaintiff
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once or twice threw him out of bed. He complained of his
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potent drugs and medicinal preparations even by pharmacists,
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make a suspension of the cholera bacilli growing on the sur-
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1893, I see a letter from Mr. Lennox Browne upon the above
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of Raynaud's disease. In each the disease manifested itself
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America, Africa, and Australia supply 1 each. Zurich ia
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bacillus have been described as playing a most important
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A few days ago I received a note from the medical 'officer of this



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