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Inr region: duration, 3 months: male, 5% ; kyphosis 11th D. to

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demonstrations upon it to the pupils, when a great number of scientific and

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resorted to incisions, though they were much recommended at one time,

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tion-H-a simple opening and loosening of adhesions —

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has died spontaneously, while if killed the number of bacilli

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Right side- — Percussion fiat to the third rib ; dull below.

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during which time be estimated the siigar excretion, with re-

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Ltell, Jacksonville, librarian. The association will meet in

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the previous opening of the urethra being closed. This

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one of amaurosis, which had been mistaken for cataract ; and a third case

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me, 1 found the pulse 38^. It is regular, full^ and strong. The action of

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These figures are taken from an article which is furnished to

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of people whose work does not soil the hands are verj-

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depends very greatly on the man who does the first dress-

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terms water-concussion. The very serious effects produced on a late occa-

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Whether it was the urotropin or npt that stopped the

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posterior part of the first external gill-cleft and is the

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tion method can be used in the presence of phosphates,

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aeration of the blood suggest the important general therapeutic indication

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enable him to swallow liquids. Respiration now became sighing; and


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