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three inches, with a projection of the trochanter major, and an inclination of the
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time, and you may push the strychnine until a grain or a grain and a half is
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times to allude to the additions and remaiks of the American editor, who
terial. The arterial blood mixed with vinegar, as well as the venous blood, left
1 Etude experiment nle dps variations do la pnasicin veineuse, thesis, Lifi«e. 1909.
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injection. When given the second serum injection, nearly 50 per
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than that in which suspicion may be aroused by the a>ray. The
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which occur in excessive and irregular menstruation. The second is a more ob-
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tension of the renal system. This was shown by the case of a patient
■was discharged through the artificial ojDening. 1 think, too, that the
at a distance from the original collapse." The progressive increase
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tongue was clean and moist; the pulse at the wrists exceedingly feeble, and the
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tubercles; to produce these requires a local morbid phenomenon; but so long as
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double that of the preceding year, wjien it was but 337.
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however, has not been found so marked as that produced by ex-
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ard G. Rowntree, Baltimore; Elmer Ernest Southard, Boston;
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of cerebral irritation, whether physical or moral, and by obviating every thing
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examinations of the lithotritists. Even catheterism by straight in-
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solution, the minute particles of agar adhering to the glass will
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the end of seven days in tightly corked vessels about one-quarter
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thinks that, in tlie commencement of tlie disease you may bleed where the
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