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artesian well. Water was found at a depth of 4-12 feet, but loaded with solid
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expressing his surprise at the success Dr. Eundle had obtained with chicken-
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starvation, and that in his stomach there was not a vestige
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leBe attacks. Painful sensations in other parts of the body of a
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pil. This and the dyspnoea indicated an additional pressure on
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In connection with the anatomic relations of these two functions
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very decided improvement. In false aneurysms the sac was
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be situated not infrequently down in the pelvis, or
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allowed to use a catheter themselves, who for a longer or shorter
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and hyperplasia of all the parenchymal elements of the spleen without
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is dysentery. By this disease I mean not that local
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large proportion of cases it was noticeable upon exertion,
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lower than with other effective measures. (10) Patients-
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seemed as if it were sprinkled with fine flour; the microscope exhi-
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body. The leucocytes are increased during the 1st day, but leuco-
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country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific States, and are thus
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has taken place ! It is almost inconceivable now that such
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tufts. The condition of this inter-tubular plexus may be
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Vit. ffuman., torn. vi. page 60, H. (Lugd. 1666, folio), referred
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In Worcester, Massachusetts, March 21st, 1857, Dr. GEORGE W. FAY, M.D., of
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perceive that a few such particulars must be attended
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summer, about two days. A minimum generation of Culex pipiens
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Main Street, Springfield, Mass. ; Dr. John A. McCreery, to No.
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or none was used ; and I am firmly convinced that the re-
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elsewhere. As regards "Therapeutics," the subjects considered represent the
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find it to be, ' a mockery, a delusionand a snare/ "
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five hundred thousand, the average leucocyte count about seven thousand.
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in shape, and perhaps its limits are not yet well ascertained. In
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cold, possibly by lowering the resistance of the kidney, has been mentioned,
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marked that he felt a numbness of the entire body. I now
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the case, they are embarrassing and unfair, and some re-
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or overcome the disease ? We opine not. What proof have
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organic matter was the specific cause of enteric fever, that he op-
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they may present, they may always, Dr. Bird says, be identified
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least so far encapsulated as to be rendered practically harmless. The
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tion ; and in young children, as Dr. Aberorombie ' shows, it has a clear
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labial form being restricted to the labial branch of this nerve. Then
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rectum and intermittent discharge of three months* standing^ No fever. Laparotomy viik
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as well as a change of gloves, and the wound in the artery is next
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1869. William Adams, On Rheumatic and Strumous Diseases of the Joints,
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most modem doctrines concerning tubercle are clearly, though
silagra 100mg reviews


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