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military autliorities and their sanitary advisers objected to

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of its great affinity for calcium salts is a very tempting hypo-

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treatment, and gave him the following directions : To pur-

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Government Board the managers have decided to receive within these

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obviou&ly three principal classes of conditions upon which

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out the more susceptible portion of the population for attack.

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rashly use the compulsory powers thus entrusted to them,

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tioned to me by Mr. Annandale, who had seen it used

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Its use is to be given ; it must be delivered up within two months of the

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Surgeon-Capt.ain E. A. W. Hall, officiating Civil Surgeon of Sarum, is

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medical stall" would give him their valuable aid and advice in

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paratively speaking, easy. It was, perhaps, rather precipitate, and there-

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Curtis, Liverpool; Mr. G. Clifton, Leicester; Dr. J. L. Callaghan,

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posed by the Registrar-General, and seconded by Dr. Oulton,

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muted into furlough without medical certificate from April li^th, 18'W, to

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French sanitarians have always urged that fermented

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•Bead in the Section of Surgery at the Annual Meeting of the British

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of the Association are now fitted up for the accommodation

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aC, had been struck in the eye by a needle five years previ-



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