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conclude that the organism is not a bacterium, but is in reality a strepto-

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man on the battlefield ; conveys him first to the dressing station, field

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but it is thinner in the adjacent parts, and fades away into the normal

valium before mri

repetition these volumes are referred to as R.C.V. Final Report ; R.C.V. Appendix ix.,

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treatment what it may. Prof. Dixi Crosby of New Hampshire, had a

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ration was very extensive, but toward the latter part of June, the stump

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tive blood culture. In addition, 14% of the patients with-

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19th. — Sunday, 1030 A.M. Patient collapsed; pulse hardly

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completely to dislodge the inspissated matter; for unless the

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psoas muscles, or, again, in the connective tissue of the retro-

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the results obtained, if they are crowned with success,

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possesses the greatest alterative powers, and will be sure to fulfil the in-

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Thne in Hours Required for the Emergence of the Oral Hydranths in Pieces of Dif-

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stipation, and never go to stool without first taking an injection of oil and

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Fig. IS. Capillary analysis of colloids. Strips of filter paper, after being suspended with

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It would be extremely difficult, as a rule, for poor

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mischief being in most instances traceable to the employment of water

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HEKBT B. CHILD8,IM.Dt Kmf riloe Fn>A»wr of the Theory end Fnio-

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good health. The first symptom of labor was a convulsion. I saw her

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the left arm wa.* noticeij, with *u\w impainu. ... .ii miiion,

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tinae endured famine, and then eating greedily, take more than

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leg barely pitting on pressure and the right much less. The skin over the

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The question whether the phenomenon had its cause in a change in

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larynx, trachea, and large bronchi. Dr. Bull remarks that an


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