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ment of the superficial abdominal veins, and albuminuria. The urine often
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activity, as shown by the marked multiplication of its cell nuclei.
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tory- rate is increased and deepened by cardiazol and the animal awakes
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" there muft be the wool of four wethers, and- that
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sugar excretion continues when the diet is free from carbohydrates, and
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adult both these symptoms are rather less urgent than in cases of strangu-
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the epithelium being more or less cast off. By the use of warm mouth
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the mode of onset with aching, the shivering in many cases, the sore throat,
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destructive character of the ulceration, probably limited to one side, help
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Alfo feveral parts of the coat of the third ftomach
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others may be mentioned arsenic in very large doses, strychnine, chiretta,
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the injection of an aqueous extract of putrescent meat into the veins of
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keeping the student's time occupied in the intervals of rest for the eyes.
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generally defective, and the hotels inferior. Graham's Town (1800') in
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is still suffering from the causative pneumonia to which the forming
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edge of the liver can usually be made out apart from the tumour, and a
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injection of the antitoxine, a much larger proportion of guinea-pigs, which
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in fubftance, or of the tincture in proportion, mixed
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with signs of increased activity of the local disease. By repetition of the
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cyst presses on the portal vein, the inferior cava, or the bile duct, as the
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ficial elements wrought in the chemical factories, whose actions
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it is certain that the quality of our wool in general"



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