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Sulfasalazine Psoriatic Arthritis Side Effects

this treatment be applicable to eases generally. Dr. Barr will

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5 years and 2 months old, was not brought under the

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not a drop of urine escaping. He insisted upon the desira-

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have complained of pain in the region of the fracture, but

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the confidence of the public, would be relegated to the Poor-

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question was whether only such women as had had an efficient

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it on the table, Dr. Britton drew the attention of the officer of the court

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distance from land in the direction from which the wind is

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such paralysis of the heart and the gradual fall of blood

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His ignorance of the Report itself tempts him further to

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serve the hope of progress and of final victory against the

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American Consul, Mr. and Mrs. Watts, Mr. Galbraith, Misses

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Work, a religious periodical published by the Church Exten-

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permit them to benefit by the enjoyment of similar privi-

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observations harmonise with the fact urg^d on the attention

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tion and isolation of the sufferers. There are twenty-two cases in the

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known number of li'e-members, his prospective share of the

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residence near Bletchingley, and was numerously attended by

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A third section of the pocketbook, printed on green paper, is

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clerks of county councils that all committees of councils

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their relation to the practice of medicine and surgery. But,

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gland otherwise was much enlarged, and felt spongy. On a

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dark bloody fluid like that vomited towards the end of life.

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caoutchouc membrane in the form of a spirally-twisted bag

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inhalation, unless the vapour was excessively diluted.

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•lines: page 2S lines j to s a, rt r,,™^, ,-P ", 2*' '""e lo, to page .-W,

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the superficial currents, wliicli may be divided into (1) warm

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Mebical Magisxkate.— The Lord Chancellor has added the

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IS trying to get rid of them, but a certain amount of the

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duced. The appendix alone, as a reference catalogue, makes

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■ways— no doubt the maxim of "put yourseli in his place" often is : for

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Worcester Chambers, Pierpoiut Street, Worcester, by March 25lh.

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first one two years ago, the second recently.— The President

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these towns included lot which were referred to the principal zymotic

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of it as the tumour was drawn well forward through the abdo-

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guishing peripheral from central paralysis. The same sym-

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AVe deeply regret to have to announce the death of BIr. S. Vi',

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sons Smith, and will be open to each of the six battalions of the brigade,


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