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courage you, — you stand ready for the work and the battle

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tioner extremely cautious in its administration, beginning with

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culosis. This, of course, does not constitute a new avenue of

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the heavy milkers of the breed she represented, and from

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cluded a hemoglobin level of 141 grams per liter (14. 1

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Sick relief, fiir there la no Hob rot Pariaparllla whicb can coinpeta with

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and defense, depends much on the health and efficiency of horses.

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death having occurred after an illness of only two days.

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surface microbe by their direct action, and after absorption no doubt act

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was .43 inch on the 11th. Up to March 31st, the rainfall at

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No. 22. Animal: hare. Wounds of Ileum. — September 29, 1916:

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guished coadjutor Professor Mott: and we find from the January number of the

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Obesity is sometimes associated with a mild form of diabetes in individuals

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of the acetate of potassa daily was given, and continued for five days,

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caused by the irritation of the vulva and of the mucous membrane of

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Social Security scheme the money is spent currently.

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at the same time when we attempt to apply it to a group

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have they had the chance to observe. They thus naturally

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triculorum was complete. In fourteen patients the septum be-

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basic protein (lysozyme) from kidneys of tumour-bearing rats

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strips of cloth were applied, as adhesive strips would have been

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perhaps still more the foolishness of the Chauvinist French

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recognized by careful attention. Thus she confounded yellow colors

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known, as shown by an intelligent woman who had done a certain amount of

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the enlarged hepatic veins, the lighter ones correspond to the ramifica-

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have the feeling, as indicated above, that early re-

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ference to abdominal section. It is plainly and lucidly stated what can

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circumstances is a false collar, composed of a felt lining

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