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rifle. A Martini-Henry bullet can be readily iD dented by the

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evacuated, every precaution being subsequently taken to unite the

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tion, it is necessary to examine muscles which act on one joint only, and

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by Mr. Howse's suggestion, cut it transversely, when the head

does valium help rls

tion of blood into the retina. Yirchow was the first to describe this affection.

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in pronouncing upon the result of any given test, but the test does

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either arm. He acquired partial use of his left arm and of

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which she had worn a bandage, who was completely cured after

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acute infectious diseases are preventable, though we are not

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Fuliticu'l Economy, Essays, jTechmcal Essay, Speech

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The dorsal border of the lateral wall is very thin, containing one

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owing lo a stricture of the ureter. Small ulcerateil

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all quarters. To secure these advantages it is required that a

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ed. Wetsch, a German, embraced their improvements with

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received during that time. There are no symptoms for a month,

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should be inserted to aid in doing more thorough work.

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County Medical Society, be published with the proceedings of the

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The right kidney weighed nine ounces, and the left eight and a half.

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The results published on aseptic flies, i.e., flies free from microor-

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stood back some distance from an unfrequented road, which had

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to make themselves understood by words, except whilst forcibly compressing

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a great meaSuro jDrevents a suitable nidus for the acari,

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mode of causation, owing to the absence of informa-

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in the cell an arrest may occur and repair be established ; but the

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g^loomy after putting in the aspirating needle and drawing

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Covered Operation. — Make an incision through the skin and dartos,

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protrusion ; and how difficult it is often to reduce thein

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authors. Huk worth and Lfinoz-lirown aro firm b«;-

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a>:illa, nor heard over the back, at which place res-

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1856. S. %^Z.— Meckel, Mikrogeologie. \SoQ.—Todd, Clinical lectures etc. on the

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urea was normal. It must be admitted, then, that in this patient, who, it may



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