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tion of the clinical achievements by the different methods

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away the denture, encased in cotton. One gentleman expressed

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allow the soil to dry out and form a crust. Cultivate the surface as

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it is termed, about the two most barefaced examples

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the same way as heretofore. Three groups were included, each consisting of four

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The greatest value of tkis comOinancn is, that it of-

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sionals. 19 Laboratories violating this provision are sub-

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Undeniable certificates shall be produced of these forms of educa-

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the gums as in lead poisoning ; they appeared natural She must have swal-

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Earles, I learned that the patient had died at the Trinity

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Ignorance is not the true heritage of any human being. The knowledge

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healthy when, three weeks before admission, a slight

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symptoms see Hirst, Studies on Acari No. 1. The genus Demodex,

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