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the original series, nine patients are known to be dead, twenty- four

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in this number of the Times, demand immediate considera-

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from only two leeches applied in this way.— i?. L., London Lan-

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not too great, so as to render all objects nearly alike

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erted in these channels human life has been prolonged

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line of scientific treatment for a disease which for many

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of the walls of the blood vessels produced by the sudden change of blood

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"■o on to optic nerve atrophy. 2 Inequality of the

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vations of the epidemic of cerebro-spinal meningitis which reigned in the upper

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FROM Bright's Disease on the Eighth Day. Mrs. K., aged 36, had

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A short time since, at the request of ihe President of the

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original scribe. A little letter was written by the

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for his attorney, added a codicil to his will, settled legacies

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bacillus isolated from foaming organs and with that from gaseous phleg-

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Penn..Mo., (_>., Kv., Md., Va.), and Provinces (Can., X.

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Transactions of Med. and Surg. Faculty of Maryland. .. 212

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of comfortable existence to each of the 9,333 lives annually yielded up

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pursued by a rival as relentless as he was cruel and per-

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some perfused preparations, such as the intestine, it does not seem to be

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his own findings in 31 operations upon dogs. From all of which ma-

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the right elbow very swollen, hot, and painful to the touch and on

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t A premium of twenty dollars having been offered by the Medical Society of South Carolina, for

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Pathology. Assistant Attending Pathologist, New York

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this country. As is now well known through the able

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of the liver, I should place my reliance upon the sanguinaria.

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face of the body, urine conftantly either turbid or

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cortex. It is this pathological effect of the poison which renders

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ease of performance, low mortality, speedy recovery, and absence of danger

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the Round Ligament.— Alexander's Operation. By Thomas A.

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the Legislature which passed the bill to destroy the effi-

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are on view, illustrative of the great variety of these indis-

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of translucency, therefore, can be measured by the number of lines visible


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