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is the patient's resistance, and that consists in changes in both volume

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the case it will not be possible to express an opinion

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consisted of a silver ring contributed by twelve young

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to extinction, while in other cases the change, though general, is not so

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the frequent complication of the disease stands foremost among these; next the

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speaking of the state of profound exhaustion and somnolency into

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ter's Department for lavatories and sinks is practically the same as an

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sexual intercourse. Under its use locally, she soon became en-

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forever. Community of property extends just as far as freedom of love.

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but few surgeons have hitherto published the results of their attempts.

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as if it had been purposely engraved upon it. The bullet was

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department within the past two years for recording the

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hesions about the colon mean that that organ must carry an extra

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The last edition of this work having been issued seven years ago it became necessary, with

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Dr. George A. Dickinson was first appointed Medical Officer of

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The loss of knee-jerk Westphal refers to degeneration of the posterior

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pital, made the following clinical remarks, {see Medical and Surgical Reporter

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ligature might be thrown ofl", the wound was left completely open, being simply

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no opportunity for the clinical study of venereal diseases, and by the fact that

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wm (fpffraiad tm in An^wi, wh«sri a ri^it^lM t«>j*l abortion wa« foond

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formed on the proximal side of the first phalangeal articulation.

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endothelium, probably in lymph spaces. By these and the resulting fibrin

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speculators and theorists, — sound or unsound in their views

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the past — altered indeed as to persons, and in certain

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who served in the war of the Rebellion, I drafted a bill, which I think

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closely to the bodies of the vibrios but was not excreted by them, a view which

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The patient should be kept in bed for 24 hours, and remain

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the whistle could not be detected with the probang. Tbi«

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such as fright, is remarkable. It appears at any period in the course of an

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As the permanent patients remain aboard on an average


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