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A hospital's system of records might at first blush seem a pooi
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exact manner in which the nervous system is aflected by the bromides. Dr.
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tumour or hardness in the abdomen. Pulse 120, with no
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if there is any thing that I can interest you Kindly enform me soon.
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sician, and Dr. Farwell, who lived in the town of Litchfield, (long since
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Royal College of Surgeons during the I)uiilding of their
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good health during the past year. The origin of this abscess
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Mass. Medical Society," 1846; "Address on Life and Character
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to trusting the patient's safety alone to the unaided, doubtful, antidotal power
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servations in 464 autopsies on adults at tlie Presbyte-
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It is interesting to note that this sequel was specially
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Neuralgia from diseases of the iiriiiary organs. — The nervous
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anxiety for the union of the wound. Happily the bowels began
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the thumb and index of the left hand, the right auricular, and left
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on moving the trunk and on coughing, pain was increased. There
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we infer that the digestive organs are in a state of activity capable
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among them ; and the remaining portion of the shaft will probably
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epiphyses cast little or no shadow, while the center of ossification is
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the coats, you can approximate, in some degree, the two ends, favor-
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Diagnosis. The manner of the onset, the hoarseness or loss of
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exhibits the same extreme anaemia, and is equally pale colored,
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Species. — American upland cotton is the type most commonly cultivated in
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in the hlackish residue obtained by the solution of zinc in sulphuric
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are attended with peculiar conditions, and have given rise to such
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grew naturally, without pain or hindrance of any kind,
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stall, with the head elevated, and a fixed stare, as if in the act of
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The prognosis of ostitis typhosa is good, and as yet
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Hence every man, on an average, was reported sick once in about
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long-suffering neighbours. And so through the alphabet,
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Finsen was given the Nobel prize partly for re-dis-.


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