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Vuelos Miami Habana Baratos

and is irealiy for children's diseRses a complete prescTihers'

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sidered in every case. If the patient was in good condition,

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Medica and Pharmacy. Madras Medical College, from March Ist.

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universities, and that dentists should be ;iccorded by law academic

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experiments on vomited matters obtained from a man fed on bread made

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(5) Lastly, I have since had a case in an adult following

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spection cliambers and other fittings should be periodically

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8eptember. The fourth attack was in October, when he was kept in bed '

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all reports of local medical officers of health. It should be

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out of view, and was undoubtedly weakened by his recent

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temperature after haemorrhages due to ulcer of the stomacli.

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that 60 per cent, of cases were fatal, some in a very short space of time

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the discliarge of his professional duties. For nearly tliirty

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three different situations within the abdomen. It may lie

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tributed mainly to the use of antiseptics, purtly to the effect

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averaged '■'^'^.:^ in the thirty-two provincial towns, among which it ranged

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tion of creasote vapour, and surrounding the patient with an

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Nine deaths have occurred since the office has been relegated

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with various percentages of vapour, some of them very strong.

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the thread of his labours in order to weave it into the texture

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lasts into the second day. There is some clotting at the times, and-

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Medical School ; Emily Winifred Dickson, Royal College of Sur-

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qualified, unmarried, and not more than 30 years of age. Salary.

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wound to explore. The cavity was then well syriu,.;ed with

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very oppressive, though the new legislation will considerably

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come with clianging times on our conceptions of their nature.


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