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usually ending in recovery. The action of the cells

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sumach berries; the last article is very good alone,

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you are indebted for the information — that section of the pneumo-

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of an apothecary, an individual celebrated in the annals of the Ecole

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grass, taking care to give a good feed of oats every night ; other-

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showing this case was to emphasize the importance of making

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nerve troubles which have been shown to be due to eye-strain.

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remains are in certain places used as fuel. During the war in South

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manner of treating a diseased patient is generally, first to give him infusions

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Supposing the patient to recover from the fit, great care will

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rics. B.A. 1978, Hunter College, City University of New

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taught us to do, and do rightly, but when hearing men stand up

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heard of being done before, and what he Had consider-

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1886 h. — Intermediate host of Ascaris lumbricoides. [Abstract of von Linstow,

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tained, if not indeed further raised, by the excellence of the volume we

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Place the skeleton in the same relation to the K()ntgen

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cicatricial tissue, upon which we depend for the retention of

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of the tendo Achillis and a seton introduced to prevent

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tions thereon are to be found, together with the ]X)st-

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be enabled to leave his bed on the fifth or sixth day. This operation, it is

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me, through you, to tender my thanks to the gentlemen assembled, for

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the shoats recovered, suggested the probability that the animals in this

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ture, iodine injections, drainage, all to no i)uri)ose.

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Patient entered hospital November 9, 1901, for operation on

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class of symptoms more or less imperfectly resembling

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( Klicr Smith, and against both Dr. Smith and Bart-

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padding closely down over the wound until the layers of ban-

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burgh ; Lecturer on the Practice of Physic, School of Medicine, Edinburgh.

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addition to well-equipped Laboratories and a Dispensary where 20,000 visits are annually paid, it offers ta



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