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ascending; perhaps it is more commonly secondary and

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more serious bone spavins are those affecting the upper

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infiltrated with cells ; these cells break down and are absorbed

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mine treatment is so expensive as to make it almost out of reach

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ulna, making a deep crease. Perhaps the pressure of the at-

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safer, the former slightly more active, the two used alike. Having

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learning how to care for people with HIV, to prevent infec-

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a dream to deliver a speech, though he was suffering

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culosis has resulted from exposure to infection at a given time.

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Beamax Douglass, ;M.D. Professor of Diseases of the Xose and

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in a solution of sulphate of zinc of about the strength of

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On the 11th July, a private soldier of the 4lh regiment of Artilleiy

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sphenoid, below with the os quadratum, or the' horizontal

valium small orange pill

exposed to high temperatures, the sensory nerve endings, which

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agree with those observed by Benedict and Lockhart Clarke, and

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profession to be able to chronicle them, in the great majority

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will appear to be still smaller after infiltration and swelling of

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membrane lines the internal cavities of the body, and has mucous

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they who labor most, urinate less than the sedentary. The color and quantity of urine depend so

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of the camp area, and hence in too close relation with

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1 o'clock, passed urine, i^ o'clock, took sulphate of

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In the October number of the Review Dr. Wm. Dougherty

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ated on, and his present condition is fairly favorable. It is possible that this

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of America, 18 Gramercy Park, New Yoi-k. of which Rear Admiral

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Ague. Ague often resists the action of quinine, but if it

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Dr. Collins, the author of a valuable treatise. on midwifery, speaks of

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a diagnosis upon the results of treatment, this case


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